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Removing a Popcorn Ceiling


Many homes built between the 1930s and 1990s were built with popcorn ceilings. In today’s homes, popcorn ceilings are a thing of the past! They look cheap in many homes so removing a popcorn ceiling could add value to your home. Plus in older homes, popcorn ceilings may even contain asbestos. The government banned asbestos in ceiling paint back in 1977, so many older homes may contain asbestos. While asbestos fibers are not harmful if they are left undisturbed or contained, your popcorn ceiling might cause some concern among potential home buyers.

If you have recently moved into the home, there are probably lots of updates you want to make around the house. Removing a popcorn ceiling without professional help is time consuming, and it is also a very dirty and dusty job. Professional sheetrock contractors can remove a popcorn ceiling, but it is not usually necessary.

Most of our customers looking into removing a popcorn ceiling contact us because they want to cover over their ceiling with drywall to give it that nice, flat, expensive, high quality look. In most cases, it is just easier to drywall over the existing drywall ceiling. It is less expensive since you do not have to pay someone to remove the existing popcorn ceiling, and it is safer since you do not have to worry about asbestos fibers getting released into the home during the removal process.

Just like installing new carpet or flooring is a great strategy for selling a home, there are other improvements which can help sell a home too. When you replace your existing popcorn ceiling with a standard sheetrock ceiling, it can improve the value of your home. A new standard drywall ceiling might make the difference in selling your home.

Remember, you do not have to remove your existing ceiling. To capture the expensive, high-value appearance, cover over the old ceilings with a sleek new drywall ceiling.

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