Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids

We’ve been celebrating over three decades of serving the community by offering quality child care since 1985. Our Marstons Mills day care, preschool, and summer camp programs are open to children who live on Cape Cod. We enroll students from 6 weeks to 14 years of age for qualifying programs. Our year-round program is available most half-days and school closures, with the exception of several major holidays.

Our founder, Sue Heinlein, also owned a Buzzards Bay location, Discovery Preschool. Both locations are based on the philosophy that school should be fun.

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Educational Programs


The programs we offer include arts, readiness for reading and math, and science. The Infant/Toddler Program provides kids with the foundation for learning and cognitive development. Our Preschool Program sets children up with the essential skills they need for kindergarten and beyond. This involves reading, learning the alphabet, shapes and counting, as well as daily projects to boost hand-eye coordination.

In our After School program, we have a homework club to give children a hand with their homework or school projects if needed. We also have a bus service for school-aged children which can be used for transfers and also for fun and educational field trips (weather permitting, of course!).

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About Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids Children’s Center was established in 1985 by Susan Heinlein. The center provides a safe and loving space for all children on Cape Cod to grow, learn, and play. Heinlein dedicated her life to serving her community until she passed away in early 2022 after a long fight against cancer. We are aware that your child is attempting to understand a big world. Leaving a home and confronting new people and places is often stressful.

At Whiz Kids, these experience are made easier by caring teachers who are committed to bridging the gap between home and school. Your child will spend many years in school, and the quality and success of your child’s educational experiences depend on the attitude they formulate early in life towards their teachers, classmates, and learning itself. Our staff have spent years teaching elementary school as well as preschool. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to teach your child to love school, love their teachers, and have fun doing it!